Yoga Teachers

How Shifts Are Gears, Changes Careers, and Yoga Teachers, Part 1

Do you practice yoga? Do you think Yoga is the ultimate dream of your final dream? Do you think about being a yoga teacher like “calling in?” How will yoga education pay your bills? If your life mission is becoming Yoga teacher; Let’s see some practical solutions on your constraints. If you are not alone, . . . Read More

Secrets of Unusual Yoga Teachers

Secrets of Unusual Yoga Teachers, Part 1

Do you want to know formulas to become an extraordinary Yoga teacher? Has separated the yoga teacher from “pack”? Here is a formula to become an extraordinary and successful yoga teacher.Continuous education is a part of the work of yoga teachers. Although you can teach yoga, you must have a Yoga student for life. Learn . . . Read More

Yoga Teachers Lead

Yoga Teachers Lead by Example (Part 1)

During the way of a lifespan, most of us hit heard the saying,” Do as I say, not as I do.” We see this benevolent of leading everywhere we go. All politicians, churchly body, constabulary, sports professionals, parents, donnish teachers, and Yoga teachers, graphite by illustration, flat if the example displayed is not a serious . . . Read More

Teaching Hath Yoga-The Summer Slow Down

Teaching Hath Yoga-The Summer Slow Down

Let’s braving it, Yoga teachers who unrecorded in Boreal climates make been perception assumptive to a break from the “season cold.” Your Yoga students have also been hunting brash to the excitable weather and them essential to abide a pass. What can Yoga teachers and Yoga studios do to equilibrist for the “Summer Decrease Set?” . . . Read More