Yoga Global Principles, Part 2

Most of the yoga classes are on the physical body. As I have explained about my colleagues, “some unity is better than the union.” It indicates that ancient Yugies knew some thousand years ago. Bhatti Yoga will be easier to follow through Bhatti Yoga, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, and Janena Yoga.There are many yoga styles, but we look at some of the important Indian yoga styles and approach their alliance. There are many Indian yoga styles, and are not mentioning them. Many yoga models use ingredients in other styles, so there are many aspects in each style. Meditation is almost one of the most common aspects found in almost all types of yoga.

Bhatti Yoga:

What unity, belief, through love for God, or by service of love. It is the most comprehensive yoga process in India. However, yoga has been practiced by many religions for the belief of God. These yoga classes are often sectarian in nature and include members with a religious belief.

When a person gives a lot of faith for material benefit and temporary world prosperity, the furnace can also be wrong. The Bhatti Yoga Practitioner knows that the true path is to belong to God, through love and god’s faith. Heavy yoga practitioner is not “holy man” preach hatred.

An example of Pope John Paul II Bhakkar Yoga Practitioner can be considered. In a spiritual country like Indian or Saudi, you will also see many examples of Bhatti Yoga. Although, many Saudi people can not agree with the description, they are dedicated to God (God). Many pilgrims will travel to the great distance for Hajj and Umrah. This is an example of love service for God.Sometimes a Prophet, Sunnah, or Guru, who is alive or not, is often the main idea of ​​God, Brahman, Krishna, Allah, Lord, Lord, or Supreme consciousness, by faith, bride, and love can often be Is. In fact, man has committed a long time in the name of God.

Junna Yoga:

Alliance is a knowledge, but it is more than intellectual pursuit. Geneva Yoga is a way to transform knowledge in pure wisdom. Knowledge is not always practical or pure wisdom.Today, many children have access to many types of media, so they are knowledgeable, but are they very intellectual? Children are young and have time to develop wisdom. How many times have you met a person who was a “smart book”, but lacked common feeling in making daily decision makers? Awakening, logic, and pure wisdom are through meditation, self-analysis, self-esteem, and promotion of a deep relationship with God.

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